GIM International: October 2016

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In line with tradition, the October issue of GIM International is this year's Intergeo edition, once again a double-thick magazine full of the latest state-of-the-art developments in the geomatics profession. This time around, an interview and two features focus on the theme of Smart City. Additionally there is an article covering the need to integrate BIM and geoinformation, and another feature provides an overview of total stations. This is just a small selection of the abundant content in this edition – find out yourself what else is included! Don't want to read online? We also have a print edition.

Main topics in the October edition of GIM International are:
Total Stations: the Surveyor's Workhorse (p. 20)
The Need to Integrate BIM and Geoinformation (p. 27)
Selecting Cameras for UAV Surveys (p. 34)
Spatial Data and Smart Cities are Interdependent (p. 31)
Solving Societal Problems with Smart Cities (p. 16)

Total Stations: Workhorse

Theodolite Page 20-25: Total stations have a wide variety of capabilities and are extensively exploited in cadastral surveying, civil engineering and on construction sites. The author provides a synopsis of features, status and trends.

Integrate BIM and Geoinfo.

semantic selection of windows from a building information modelPage 27-29: Building information modelling (BIM) is aimed at preventing mismatches in information exchange between the many stakeholders. Although BIM has come a long way in this respect, there are still challenges to overcome.

Selecting Cameras for UAV Surveys

Phase One IXU 1000Page 34-37: With the boom in the use of consumer-grade cameras on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveying and photogrammetric applications, this article seeks to review a range of different cameras and their critical attributes. Firstly, it establishes the most important considerations when selecting a camera for surveying. Secondly, the authors make a number of recommendations at various price points

Interview: Martin Powell

Photo of Martin PowellPage 16-19: Title: Solving Societal Problems with Smart Cities. The world population is growing rapidly, putting urban planning under increasing pressure. Cities are facing challenges such as how to improve the environment. The smart city concept seems to offer a solution. To gain insights from an urban planning insider, GIM International interviewed Martin Powell, head of urban development at Siemens.

Intergeo: Smart Cities

Dr Chirine EtezadzadehPage 31-33:Title: Spatial Data and Smart Cities are Interdependent. A new element is being added to Intergeo: Smart Cities. Developed by the Intergeo team in cooperation with Dr Chirine Etezadzadeh and her colleagues. She is a German expert on ‘smart cities’ and believes strongly that an interdisciplinary approach is crucial for real results. But ef´Čüciency should not be the only goal; social cohesion is also essential.

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