OxTS Inertial+ Systems

OxTS (UK) has added Trimble's 5700 GPS receiver to the range of receivers that are properly integrated in to the Inertial+. The Inertial+ is a full Inertial and GPS Navigation System that uses gyros and accelerometers to make measurements of position, velocity and orientation. The low price of the Inertial+ compared to traditional inertial navigation systems makes it attractive for a wide range of survey applications. By fully integrating the outputs of the Trimble 5700 with the Inertial+ the accuracy is improved and bad GPS points are rejected. The Trimble 5700 is a very capable GPS receiver, able to give... (read more)
2008-08-29 02:55:27

OxTS Launches New Intertial+ Product

OxTS (United Kingdom) has released the new Inertial+ product. Signals from your GPS receiver can be blocked or reflected by buildings and trees. In combination with the new Inertial+ system you can achieve reliable, continuous position measurements even through GPS outages. This is possible with the high quality gyroscopes and accelerometers inside the Inertial+. Corrections from the GPS prevent the inertial measurement unit from drifting. Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to your GPS receiver provides reliable position data in difficult... (read more)
2008-04-24 08:48:29

OxTS Releases xOEM500 GNSS/INS

OxTS has announced the latest addition to the OEM line of inertial navigation systems aimed at system integrators. The xOEM500 is a GNSS/INS embedded on a single, compact board set and marks OxTS' smallest, lightest INS offering to date. The xOEM500 includes dual GNSS receivers capable of 50cm position and is designed to give stable heading performance in all conditions. The IMU is made up of MEMS based accelerometers and gyros, but thanks to OxTS' custom calibration techniques including the SuperCAL adjustment, the sensors are developed to deliver the tactical grade performance in an industrial-sized package.   In addition to... (read more)
2014-10-15 08:53:07

OxTS Adds xOEMcore to Product Range

OxTS has announced its newest OEM offering to system integrators. The xOEMcore is a standalone IMU on offer from OxTS, although the custom-built system has been a major part of existing products like the xNAV series. In addition to containing 6-axis gyros and accelerometers on a miniature OEM board set, the small IMU block also houses an on-board processor running the Kalman filter. This means users can get the raw IMU measurements like a standard IMU, or they can pair it with an external aiding device such as GNSS receivers and the xOEMcore will take care of the sensor fusion.... (read more)
2015-02-02 09:52:31

OxTS Launches New xNAV500 GPS/INS at AUVSI

OxTS will show its new GPS-aided inertial navigation system xNAV500 at this year's AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference in Orlando, USA, from 13-15 May 2014. The new xNAV500 represents an addition worth mentioning to OxTS' xNAV line-up as the company's first model to feature real-time output of measurement data. The xNAV500 is aimed squarely at UAV and UAS applications where payload restrictions mean the size and weight of GPS-aided inertial navigation sensors are almost as important as their measurement accuracy. With a mass of just 380g and small enough to fit in a coat pocket, the xNAV500 packs a lot of... (read more)
2014-05-07 08:30:00

Dual GPS

OxTS is releasing a new dual antenna version of the Inertial+ navigation system at this year's Intergeo exhibition. The new Inertial+2 provides improved heading accuracy for better performances in airborne survey and mapping applications.         Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in to a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to a GPS receiver will not only provide reliable, continuous position data even during GPS signals blockage but also output measurements like roll, pitch and heading with high accuracy in real-time. Using two GPS receivers in the... (read more)
2009-09-21 11:08:13

Real-time RTK-quality Velocity Accurary Without Base-station

Customers of OxTS, the British inertial navigation and GPS/GNSS manufacturer, can now benefit from velocity measurements approaching 1cm/s accuracy and a slip angle accuracy of 0.1° RMS at high speed – without the need for a base-station. This achievement is thanks to the new gxInteger algorithm and the way OxTS products utilise both GNSS and inertial measurements. This development means customers that want real-time RTK-quality velocity and orientation measurements, but don’t require 2cm position accuracy, no longer need to spend time and money setting up a base-station and have more freedom in selecting test sites. Automotive customers benefit most directly... (read more)
2013-11-27 10:36:12

Affordable Precise Positioning

GPS is good for perhaps 70% of surveying needs. Inertial Navigation is the forgotten friend of GPS. Traditionally complex and expensive, Inertial Navigation has become competitive, easy-to-use and cost-effective. Need position? Use GPS. It's obvious enough. But when you can't use GPS the cost of surveying rapid­ly increases. Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) are positioning systems alternative or complementary to GPS. They have traditionally been expensive and restricted mainly to military applications. Their use in missile-­guidance has induced governments to place export restrictions on them, while specifically military interfaces make most virtually un­usable to civilians. Anyone trying to purchase a military... (read more)
2007-09-19 12:00:00

Lightweight GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System

OxTS, UK, has launched the GPS-aided inertial navigation system xNAV200 at this year's AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America conference in Las Vegas, USA. The xNAV200 is a compact, lightweight INS. The xNAV200 is capable of providing reliable position (90cm), precise heading (0.15°) as well as highly accurate roll/pitch (0.05°) measurements at up to 100Hz. The miniature sensor offers some striking advantages: it is very small (120 x 66 x 35mm), extremely lightweight (<350g), highly reliable, easy to integrate and offers an unmatched price-performance ratio. The new xNAV200 can be used for georeferencing sensors and has applications on unmanned aerial vehicles... (read more)
2012-08-14 09:26:33

UK Determined to Become World Leader in Driverless Cars

A new consortium led by Ordnance Survey has secured government funding to position the UK as a leader in connected and autonomous vehicles. The consortium will receive the funding from Innovate UK to examine the data requirements needed to support autonomous navigation. The groundbreaking ‘Atlas’ initiative will study data critical to the efficient operation of autonomous vehicles and how it can be enhanced. Testing the feasibility of maintaining, processing and distributing this data is a core element of the project. If Atlas is successful, it could lead to a more rapid take-up of connected and autonomous vehicles, thus consolidating the UK’s position as... (read more)
2016-02-25 09:32:23
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