Lidar Data – A Perfect Tool for Archaeology

Today, usage of Lidar data in archaeology is almost a must when researching landscapes and archaeological sites. But in his seven years’ experience of using airborne Lidar data, archaeologist Jošt Hobič from Slovenia has come across a few obstacles that are making it look exotic and perhaps even threatening, he writes in this column. The first obstacle is Lidar data that is put behind a paywall – despite in effect being data that has been paid for by taxpayers’ money. Open data is more inclusive, and it stimulates more research. Luckily, a lot of countries around the world are releasing Lidar... (read more)
2020-09-18 02:01:13

Advanced Urban 3D Modelling and Visualization

A Generic Workflow for Automatic Building Detection and 3D Modelling
The automatic detection, data extraction, 3D modelling and visualization of buildings in urban areas using remote sensing data is an essential task in various applications such as cadastre, urban and rural planning, change detection, mapping, updating geographic information systems, monitoring, housing value and navigation. Even today, this task still remains challenging due to the inherent artefacts (e.g. shadows) in the remote sensing data used, as well as the differences in viewpoints, surrounding environment, complex shape and size of the buildings. This article outlines a generic workflow using modern technologies. Besides the recent developments in image processing, advances in computer vision... (read more)
2020-09-18 01:09:28

Integrating Lidar and Photogrammetry Mapping Technology

A system that combines cameras with Lidar is generally called a mapper or mapping system, but is also known as a hybrid system. The airborne market for area-wide 3D data acquisition is experiencing a noticeable trend towards a fusion of Lidar and photogrammetric mapping. Here, the latest trends and technologies are summarized in three articles that give a good overview of the current state-of-the-art in aerial mapping. When Photogrammetry Meets Lidar: Towards the Airborne Hybrid Era The airborne market for area-wide 3D data acquisition is experiencing a noticeable trend towards a hybrid mapping concept. In the near future, most airborne data collection... (read more)
2020-09-17 10:59:24

Pix4D and SAP Join Forces in 3D Inspection of Transmission Masts

Pix4D, the Switzerland-based technology pioneer and one of the market leaders in industrial photogrammetry software solutions, has announced that it is starting a joint innovation project with SAP to open up the market for drone-based, digital 3D inspections for telecommunications companies. SAP, a global leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, has included Pix4D in an SAP accelerator programme for innovative companies that support the digital transformation of B2B businesses with their software solutions. The collaboration between SAP and Pix4D is principally aimed at the telecommunications industry, where the new Pix4D technology for the inspection of transmission masts with the... (read more)
2020-09-17 09:14:54

4 Earth Intelligence Launches Countrywide Satellite Intelligence Data

Earth observation company 4 Earth Intelligence (4EI) has launched a suite of data layers providing insight into a country’s wealth, demographics and transportation links. Derived from satellite imagery and other reputable resources, including the World Bank, OpenStreetMap, census records and historical archives, the Country Intelligence data suite has been created to support economic analysis, policymaking and SMART Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reporting. “Satellite imagery records what is happening on the planet rather than what is being reported and so is the perfect resource, when combined with multiple, validated data sources, to provide off-the-shelf resources for countrywide intelligence on economic and... (read more)
2020-09-14 09:55:50

Full Automation in Mobile Lidar Data Classification

An End-to-end Framework Using 3D CNN and SVM
A deep learning architecture called MMCN opens up the possibility for fully automated classification of highly dense 3D point cloud data acquired from a mobile Lidar system. This offers interesting opportunities in applications such as high-density maps, autonomous navigation and highway monitoring. Classification of highly dense 3D point cloud data acquired from a mobile Lidar system (MLS) is essential in applications like creating high-density maps, autonomous navigation and highway monitoring. MLS data classification algorithms available in the current literature use several parameters or thresholds. The right selection of these parameters is critical for the success of these algorithms under different... (read more)
2020-09-10 09:37:41

Esri Acquires nFrames to Prioritize 3D Capabilities

Esri has announced its acquisition of nFrames, a German technology company that develops SURE, an industry-leading imagery and Lidar 3D surface reconstruction software. This will enable the fusion of imagery with 3D GIS, allowing nFrames and Esri users to seamlessly capture and analyse 3D data from aerial, drone and ground-based sensors in an automated end-to-end process. SURE scales 3D data creation to large city and countrywide airborne image datasets and projects, while giving professional photogrammetry workflows improved precision, speed, and simplicity on premises or in the cloud. Through this acquisition, Esri gains a robust production engine that transforms imagery and... (read more)
2020-09-10 09:10:15

European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries Appoints Secretary-General

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) has appointed Marcos Martínez-Fernández as secretary-general. EAASI was officially launched last year to bring together companies involved in the generation of geographic data from manned aerial platforms, and it has grown rapidly ever since. This appoinmtent represents the next stage in the association’s future as Marcos Martínez-Fernández will manage both day-to-day and strategic business operations. “The aerial imaging market is rapidly evolving and dynamically responding to the challenges being faced by business, government and the third sector as a result of the global pandemic,” commented Simon Musäus, president of EAASI. “As a relatively... (read more)
2020-09-10 10:18:19

Arvizio Launches Augmented Reality Hybrid Rendering

Arvizio has introduced new capabilities to its enterprise XR platform with GPU-accelerated hybrid rendering to stream massive 3D models and Lidar scans to multiple participants on mobile AR devices. The latest Arvizio XR release includes fully automated 3D model optimization and hybrid rendering for large and complex BIM and CAD 3D models, Lidar scans and photogrammetry models with multi-model alignment to allow multiple objects to be placed in a scene, for example buildings and machinery may be positioned within a point cloud and visualized as a combined experience. Customers using Arvizio’s XR Platform can import more than 30 spatial data... (read more)
2020-08-25 08:37:24

The Source of Power: How Satellite Imagery Propels the Energy Sector into the Future

No statistics could possibly convey the importance of energy to our economies and everyday lives. Nearly everything people interact with on a daily basis has a source of power. Growth in any nation is impossible without massive amounts of energy for development, transportation and agriculture. (This story is brought to you by European Space Imaging) We currently sit at the crossroads between fossil fuels, renewables, rapid development and increasing safety and environmental concerns. New tools and techniques are being developed daily to better produce energy as well as efficiently monitor and protect current sources. Analysing tremendous amounts of new and... (read more)
2020-09-01 02:21:27
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