Mapping Urban Fringes

Object Based Image Analysis: a Promising Technique
What is the potential of object-based image analysis (OBIA) for creating land-cover maps from high-resolution satellite images of urban fringes, and can the accuracy of OBIA be compared to visual interpretation? The authors demonstrate that classification of objects rather than individual pixels provides a fast, efficient and simple semi-automatic method for generating land-cover maps. Overall accuracy is equivalent to visual interpretation. Suburban fringe areas are characterised by intermingling of vegetation and structural elements. They are also subject to rapid changes in land-cover. Sustainable development of such heterogeneous, complex and dynamic landscapes requires constant monitoring based on proper decision making and... (read more)
2010-06-07 03:20:20

Urban Base Map Prague

T-MAPY successfully deployed Bentley Geospatial Server to manage the collection and editing of urban digital data within the long-term project of creating a new Digital Map of Prague (DMP). The new system based on Bentley's enterprise GIS platform replaces one that could not automate the workflow or produce an audit trail, and that required too much effort and too many man-hours to process a single map edit.     T-MAPY selected Bentley Geospatial Server as the backbone of the new system because the enterprise workflow engine will efficiently manage the workflow of the subcontractors, who will collect, access, and edit... (read more)
2009-04-03 12:09:20

4D Urban GIS

Benefits of the Time Dimension
Time has been incorporated as a fourth dimension in the GIS systems of Arak municipality, Iran, and object-oriented concepts applied. The augmented system has resulted in better quality and an increasing number of services, improvements to the cadastre system and financial benefits. Almost every city in Iran today demonstrates anomalies in all urban aspects, directly affecting issues such as welfare, security, hygiene, education and culture. Regardless of the circumstances, municipalities can demonstrate additional problems. City sprawl has led to the generation of huge volumes of geo- and other data, expanding the body but not the authority of municipalities, the administrative... (read more)
2007-08-11 12:00:00

Bentley Acquires Web-based 3D Urban Planning Pioneer Agency9

Bentley Systems has announced the acquisition of Agency9, based in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Agency9 has already provided nearly half of Sweden’s larger municipalities with city-scale 'digital twin' cloud services for city planning and related web-based 3D visualisation. Since 2012, Agency9 has taken advantage of reality meshes created by Bentley’s ContextCapture reality modelling software as the digital context for visualising urban infrastructure assets represented in GIS data, terrain surveys and BIM models. Bentley’s new iTwin cloud services, which similarly to the Agency 9 acquisition were also introduced at this week's Year in Infrastructure conference, add digital alignment and change synchronisation for... (read more)
2018-10-15 09:25:28

Planning and Socioeconomic Applications

In 2009 Springer began issuing a series on Geotechnologies and the Environment,edited by Jay D. Gatrell and Ryan R. Jensen, both American university Geographic academics. The series intends to demonstrate how GIS, satellite imagery, GNSS and web-based services are applied by geographers and allied professionals to study real-world problems, with a major focus on human effects on the environment. Up to now four volumes have been released; vol. 1, edited by the series editors, covers planning and socioeconomic applications; vols. 2 and 3, both released in 2010, cover respectively urban hazard and disaster analysis (editors: Pamela S. Showalter and Yongmei... (read more)
2011-02-03 03:21:27

Flight Planning and Orthophotos

Leaning Instead of Overlap
The full feature is online at Please subscribe for free using the Subscribe button in the left hand column. When using digital aerial cameras, quality and readability of orthophotos can no longer be specified by forward and side overlap as was the case in the era of analogue aerial surveys. By continuing to use these parameters, we condemn ourselves to inaccurate measurements and poor quality and readability of orthophotos. The author compares the flight planning parameters for nine digital cameras using building leaning, rather than overlap, as the main geometric parameter. In the era of analogue aerial surveys, which... (read more)
2012-05-30 04:52:26

Integrated Mission Planning Software

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Solutions has released its new mission planning software, Leica MissionPro. The software provides mission planning capability for all airborne sensors, including Lidar, line and frame sensors, and is fully integrated into existing Z/I Imaging and Leica Geosystems workflows. In addition to the core planning functionality, Leica MissionPro includes a range of new features such 3D virtual Globe View and tools for project management and evaluating missions. Leica MissionPro supports integrated multi-sensor and Lidar planning in a 3D mission planning environment and exports flight plans for both Z/I Inflight and Leica FCMS. The new software also provides access... (read more)
2012-03-19 11:05:20

Lidar Flight Planning

A System with Minimal User Intervention
Airborne Lidar has become a regular technology for acquiring accurate, consistent and dense point clouds. However, the constraints on specifications, available sensors and aerial platforms are still a challenge for Lidar data acquisition. Optimal flight planning is essential. Current practices rely on rules of thumb and trial and error, meaning that optimal solutions are rare. The authors have developed a Lidar flight planning system which does provide an optimal solution at a high level of automation and requiring minimal user intervention. Once acquired, Lidar data should satisfy the specifications on density, overlap, spatial distribution and accuracy. Data clusters and voids... (read more)
2014-02-17 10:39:05
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