Aubrey Barker Fund to Support Student Organisations - 24/01/2014

The trustees of the Aubrey Barker Fund have announced that the fund will consider applications from student organisations within the field of land surveying, quantity surveying and land economy to support student meetings. Land surveying can be interpreted as including subjects now generally described as geomatics. Funds to support student meetings can be used as travel bursaries to attend a meeting, to support tutors on training courses, or for specific costs associated with setting up a conference or training course.

Applications can be made at any time and should include details of the meeting for which support is needed, a justification for support, and a cost breakdown of how the money applied for would be spent. Further details can be found at  Applications should be sent to the secretary of the fund, Clifford Dann at [email protected].


About the Aubrey Barker Fund

The fund was set up in March 1972 in memory of Aubrey Barker, a distinguished surveyor from Guyana who waspresident-designate of The Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE) but who died before taking office. Colleagues throughout the British Commonwealth contributed to a fund to be used to support education, training, research and projects related to the disciplines of land surveying, quantity surveying and land economy. The fund has helped students to attend courses and carry out projects and the trustees also organize an essay competition. Books and equipment have been provided to colleges in developing countries.

Further information about the Aubrey Barker Fund can be found here

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