Balko Tech unveils advanced modular drone Lidar solution

Balko Tech unveils advanced modular drone Lidar solution

Balko Tech has launched Connectiv, the next evolution of its modular drone Lidar system. This release also includes the introduction of the e-Connect application. Following the success of the e-ONE system in 2021, Connectiv represents a significant leap forward in technology, designed to offer geospatial professionals enhanced flexibility and control over their data collection processes. Balko Tech is a Canadian innovator in the geospatial industry.

Connectiv aims to revolutionize data capture by allowing users to interchange sensors, inertial platforms and cameras to meet the unique requirements of each project. This modular approach eliminates the need to invest in multiple standalone systems, simplifying the process and significantly reducing costs. The redesigned casing includes a user-friendly locking lever system, making module interchange faster and more intuitive.

In addition to hardware improvements, Connectiv brings enhancements to firmware and software. The e-Connect application, a key feature of this release, offers real-time flight status and data collection information accessible via a tablet on the ground while Connectiv conducts in-flight data capture.

Democratizing geospatial data capture

Maude Pelletier, president and founder of Balko Tech, shared her vision for this modular drone Lidar system, stating: “Since its beginnings, Balko Tech aims to democratize geospatial data capture by developing modular Lidars, with the Connectiv, we are taking another step in this direction by making this system even easier to use and allowing users to have even more control over their data collection."

Balko Tech's journey began with a team of multidisciplinary engineers and scientists at MVT GeoSolutions, a company offering Lidar data acquisition services. Balko Tech emerged in response to the realization that different projects often demanded sensors with varying specifications, resulting in significant costs. The company developed the first system of its kind, enabling the seamless interchange of Lidar sensors, optimizing equipment and resources for its customers.

Connectiv represents Balko Tech's ongoing commitment to innovation in the geospatial industry, providing professionals with a practical and cost-effective solution for their data capture needs.

Connectiv is Balko Tech's modular UAV-Lidar solution. (Image courtesy: Balko Tech)
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