Bentley Acquires GEF-RIS AG - 16/06/2006

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (PA, USA) has acquired GEF-RIS AG based in Leimen, Germany. The company provides GIS solutions used in the design and management of multi-utility infrastructure.
GEF-RIS’s sis family of products is led by sisNET, an integrated solution for the design, documentation, and management of electricity, gas, water, and district heating networks. sisNET is built on Bentley’s MicroStation and maintains data in commercial spatially oriented databases such as Oracle.

In addition to offering products that help manage power utility networks, GEF-RIS also provides advanced analysis tools for engineers. sisHYD is an analysis solution for pipe hydraulics in systems that carry compressible media such as steam or gas. sisKMR provides structural analysis of any type of pipe and is particularly useful in optimising district heating networks.

GEF-RIS’s two executives, Martin Icking and Klaus Blettner, have joined Bentley in senior roles, in which they will continue to apply their expertise in multi-utility infrastructure solutions.

Last updated: 27/02/2018