BIM: The Leading Role of the Geomatics Sector - 08/03/2018

Building information modelling (BIM) is a hot topic in architecture, engineering and construction. BIM supports a more intelligent approach to planning, construction and the use of buildings. The geomatics industry is well positioned to take the lead in the management of the geospatial data that plays a crucial role in BIM. To give a good impression of the various aspects of BIM, its integration with geospatial technology and the challenges connected with BIM when surveying, ‘GIM International’ has prepared a special webpage dedicated to building information modelling.

With articles ranging from ‘BIM: the New GIS for the Industry’ to ‘The Need to Integrate BIM and Geoinformation’, we are sure this content will provide you with relevant knowledge, and especially if you are getting increasingly involved in BIM (or plan to do so in the near future). BIM itself may be a piece of cake for construction engineering professionals, but the numerous geospatial technologies that have made their entrance demand new skills. It’s safe to say that the boundaries between geomatics and BIM are blurring.

Last updated: 29/10/2020