Cyclomedia gathers data and images for New Orleans

Cyclomedia gathers data and images for New Orleans

Cyclomedia has successfully completed data collection and delivery for the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, following its victory in the RFP in November 2022. The official contract signing took place this April. Since then, Cyclomedia has diligently conducted the data collection and extraction analytics across the entirety of the city's road network.

Cyclomedia is renowned for its 360° panoramic street-level imagery and Lidar data. The comapnjy’s GIS-driven solutions, widely employed by local governments worldwide, provide an accurate and realistic spatial model of any given area. They derive valuable analytics from the collected data, forming an asset inventory that includes the condition assessment of each individual asset. The current contract encompasses a single data collection drive.

Cyclomedia's collection vehicles covered approximately 3,200 kilometres of New Orleans' roadways, capturing both imagery and Lidar data to construct a comprehensive 3D digital twin of the city. Advanced AI-powered algorithms were then employed to identify and categorize specific asset types as stipulated by the contract. Cyclomedia has delivered information on 20 different asset types, including water valves, ADA ramps, storm drains, fire hydrants and sign faces.

Data extraction challenges

"New Orleans is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States. It’s unique architectural style and record number of historic districts gives the area a one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal, which has made this city a pleasure to work in. At Cyclomedia, we embraced the challenges that came with data extraction in a unique area like this, such as narrow cobblestone streets and stylized street signs. Cyclomedia is proud of the work we have done for the city thus far and we are excited to continue delivering customized data solutions to the City of New Orleans," said Taylor Tieche, Cyclomedia account executive.

The distinctive character of New Orleans' older areas made this mapping project truly special. The French Quarter, the city's historic heart, traces its origins back to 1718, making it the oldest section of the city. Known for its vibrant, colourful buildings and lively ambiance, it holds a unique allure. Meanwhile, the Audubon neighbourhood stands as one of the most Instagram-worthy areas in New Orleans, with its streets adorned by historic homes dating back centuries.

The City of New Orleans plans to leverage this information and dataset to gain deeper insights into the condition of the sidewalks to identify potential concerns for pedestrian safety, such as trip hazards. Additionally, the aim is to better understand the state of the city's pavement and prioritize resurfacing efforts in critical areas. By providing easy desktop access to city employees, this data eliminates the need for unnecessary field visits, streamlining their work and enhancing efficiency.

Cyclomedia, based in the Netherlands, is renowned for its 360° panoramic street-level imagery and Lidar data acquisition. (Image courtesy: Cyclomedia)
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