Dual GPS - 21/09/2009

OxTS is releasing a new dual antenna version of the Inertial+ navigation system at this year's Intergeo exhibition. The new Inertial+2 provides improved heading accuracy for better performances in airborne survey and mapping applications.




Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in to a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to a GPS receiver will not only provide reliable, continuous position data even during GPS signals blockage but also output measurements like roll, pitch and heading with high accuracy in real-time. Using two GPS receivers in the Inertial+2, a very accurate and stable heading measurement is possible even under low dynamic conditions such as aircraft flights.


The GPS-aided inertial navigation systems from OxTS are already used for applications ranging from mobile mapping, road profiling to airborne imaging and surveying.


OxTS is on stand 1.311.


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