Eos Announces Orthometric Height Support for Arrow GNSS Receivers

Eos Announces Orthometric Height Support for Arrow GNSS Receivers

Eos Positioning Systems (Eos) has announced its support for GEOID height models within its Arrow Series GNSS receivers. Eos is a leading manufacturer of affordable high-accuracy GNSS receivers for any app running on iOS/Android/Windows devices and using the Arrow Series. The receivers can be used with any data collection software in the world, and benefit from accurate orthometric heights. Arrow receivers will output accurate GNSS elevations no matter which data-collection software is used to capture it.

With support for GEOID models, Arrow receivers automatically output survey-grade elevations to all iOS and Android data collection software. Support will also be available for Windows devices soon.

Survey-grade elevation

The Arrow receivers support the entire United States to provide survey-grade elevation in NAVD88 orthometric heights through the GEOID12B (US) model. The Arrow receivers also support the Canadian CGG2013a and HTv2.0 GEOID models for the CGVD2013 and CGVD28 vertical datums, respectively. Additional GEOID models for other countries are planned in the future.

Use Cases

The problem is that typical Bluetooth GNSS receivers usually provide inaccurate, built-in elevation models. This inaccuracy is reflected in the Mean Sea Level (MSL) elevation output by those receivers. By outputting orthometric height, the Arrow now solves this problem and turns any smartphone or tablet into a 3D, survey-grade accurate data collection device.

Eos has designed this new feature so that users will easily be able to update to new GEOID models as they become available in the future.

For more information about using this solution, including videos, how-to guides and downloadable resources, click here.


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