GeoAir to Perform Aerial Surveys with UltraCam Falcon - 16/05/2014

GeoAir, Mexico, has contracted with Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit and subsidiary to purchase an UltraCam Falcon digital aerial camera system and UltraMap workflow software to handle large volumes of data efficiently. GeoAir operates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, primarily on medium-size corridor and cadastre projects for government entities and large private mining companies.

GeoAir selected the 100mm lens and the 17,310 pixels across footprint for its UltraCam Falcon configuration to facilitate rapid data acquisition at high altitudes. In heavily congested airspaces like Mexico City, a higher flying altitude is a great advantage, and project delivery time can be improved by avoiding air traffic issues.

The Mexican company decided to purchase an UltraCam Falcon to augment their present equipment with a camera that better matches the project collection requirements, which typically are up to a few thousand square kilometres, said Wolfgang Kost, general director at GeoAir. The UltraCam Falcon, positioned between the UltraCam Hawk and the ultra-large UltraCam Eagle in regards to image footprint and price, fit the company’s needs quite well, he added.

In addition to operating their two UltraCamD models and the new UltraCam Falcon, GeoAir is currently completing a 3D modelling project in Mexico City with an UltraCam Osprey, a versatile digital camera with nadir and oblique capture capabilities, Kost concluded. 

Last updated: 27/02/2018