GPS Embedded Smart Antenna/Receiver - 23/11/2011

Tallysman Wireless has released the TW5115 Embedded Smart Antenna/Receiver. It features the STMicroelectronics STA8058 Teseo WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS-enabled GPS L1 receiver IC, a high-performance, low-noise amplifier stage, a tight out-of-band BAR pre-filter to reject interference, and a perfectly tuned antenna element for maximum GPS signal reception, even in dense urban-canyon environments where multipath interference is prevalent, according to the manufacturer.



The TW5115 comes in a very compact, low profile (7.6mm) form factor, with a NMEA 0183 standard output and RS232 and CMOS interface.


The TW5110 interface is a 6 pin ribbon connector, providing NMEA 0183 standard outputs at RS232 and CMOS levels.


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