Irish Survey Company Acquires Falcon 8 UAS - 26/04/2016

A Topcon Falcon 8 UAS, powered by Ascending Technologies, has been purchased by Murphy Surveys. The Falcon 8 is an octocopter that is being used across many industries, from surveying to oil and gas. It has the efficiency of a fixed-wing system but the versatility of a rotary system. The global consulting surveyors have been working with fixed-wing UASs for years, yet the VTOL’s efficiency turned out to be more flexible and profitable in many surveying areas.

MurphyUAV, a division of Murphy Surveys, received a special delivery in the form of the Falcon 8 from Topcon Ireland, making Murphy Surveys the first company in Ireland to have this equipment.

UAV experience

The Falcon 8 will be a key tool for MurphyUAV as the company looks to push the boundaries and increase the standards of their deliverables. This division comes with 19 years of combined expertise as well as over 2,500 hours UAV experience. MurphyUAV is taking a pragmatic approach to the industry within Ireland, and believes that data is the most important aspect of their business. MurphyUAV is another tool that is utilised across the Murphy family and beyond, Julian Deeks, director of MurphyUAV stated.

At offices in Kildare, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London Warrington and Scotland Murphy Surveys employs more than 200 staff and offers solutions globally to public and private sector clients, including government bodies and blue chip companies. Moreover Murphy Surveys established a track record of over 20,000 completed surveys.

Inspection services

Implementing the latest in innovative technology combined with experienced and skilled personnel, MurphyUAV will also enhance the Specialist Inspection Services division in terms of how they can deliver solutions. High-wind capabilities will enable faster, more flexible and efficient data collection as well as reducing man hours for cost efficiency and improving the targeted delivery by reducing time used by men on the ground.

Last updated: 02/09/2020