Meet Lindsey the GIS Specialist

Meet Lindsey the GIS Specialist

Have you ever found yourself struggling to tell other people what your profession as a GIS specialist or surveyor actually entails? If so, you’ll no doubt be interested to hear about a great new tool that makes it easier to explain the ins and outs of your work to youngsters. Containing 24 richly illustrated pages covering data collection, analysis and visualization, the children’s e-book called ‘Lindsey the GIS Specialist – A GIS Mapping Story’ gives a good impression of what a job in the geospatial industry encompasses.

Professionals in German-speaking countries may already be familiar with the booklet called Ich habe eine Freundin, die ist Geodätin (‘I have a friend who is a surveyor’), which has been a big success. The new e-book can be seen as an English-language equivalent aimed at making our profession more accessible to the outside world. It is no secret that our industry is desperately searching for ways to attract new talent, so let’s hope that Lindsey will prove to be a great ambassador and inspire more young people to choose a geomatics-related career!

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