Mobile GIS to Manage Lands Worth over USD60 Billion - 30/04/2010

SuperPad is selected by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, to collect and measure lands for education. The lands can be better managed and utilised, and thus bring savings or better return by using GIS technologies. The Ministry of Education in Taiwan has more than 5,000 properties which were donated by people a long time ago for education, like building schools or storing school materials. The lands are spread all over Taiwan and worth over USD60 billion US dollars.


These lands could not be well-utilised, however, due to the lack of proper management for a long time. Therefore, the Ministry of Education plans to employ mobile GIS technologies to improve the accuracy of the cadastral data and also manage the database efficiently. With that, the land data are not only collected, measured, and managed well, but also bring more income for education foundation.

Applying mobile GIS technologies, survey personnel can access the cadastral data easily by handheld devices. GIS and GPS technologies enable the personnel to add, edit, and query the map data while doing field survey and even allow personnel to upload survey results to database via synchronization function after surveying. Therefore, this system has improved the availability and correctness of every piece of education lands.

The full-function mobile GIS, SuperPad, is used as the manipulation platform whereas Windows Mobile is the operating system in PDA. The mobile GIS application provides survey personnel with diverse functions to do the survey easily and update cadastral data while surveying. Various GIS tools are built-in SuperPad which can effectively assist field workers in collecting, editing, measuring, etc., by using mobile devices.
Furthermore, with the flexibility of developing structure, SuperPad also allows developers to easily customise mobile GIS applications according to their needs by means of various customization toolbars, tables, and other functions. More tasks can be fulfilled completely in this way.

Last updated: 30/09/2020