New SF-3040 Starfire/RTK - 05/04/2011


RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from the base-station or decimetre-level accuracy anywhere in the world through the StarFire service. This what comes with the latest NavCom Technology (USA) product release, the SF-3040 pole-mount receiver, featuring StarFire/RTK GNSS capabilities.

The SF-3040, with NavCom’s Ultra RTK and RTK Extend products, provides ideal support for RTK applications.  Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend allows for continuous RTK level positioning during radio outages by allowing StarFire to take over when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.


Powered by the Sapphire GNSS engine, the SF-3040 provides 66 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass and SBAS including StarFire. It also provides patented superior signal sensitivity in shaded environments.


Designed for all day use in surveying environments, the SF-3040 includes several I/O options, a compartment for an optional 1 Watt internal UHF radio, removable SD card and hot-swappable batteries.



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