Photogrammetric Software Solutions - 04/07/2012

Menci Software (Italy) has released two new products. APS, a high technology product for low altitude image acquisition processing and orthophoto, DTM, DSM and three-dimensional point cloud automatic production; and OPK, a technology for large format aerial camera image processing. It is a totally automatic photogrammetric workflow and a modular solution.

APS can import images from all UAV hardware products in combination with GPS log. The user interface is really simple to operate and produces quick and high quality measurement. Results can be exported in standard format.

OPK is capable of high-quality accurate results in a fast time importing large blocks of images. The solution is composed of 4 modules: Bundle for automatic aerial triangulation; Warp for automatic orthophoto projection; Blend for automatic color balancing,  seam lines calculation and orthomosaic  generation; MakeUp for orthophoto quality check and final touch up.

Demo licenses are available to evaluate the products.

Last updated: 27/02/2018