Satel Launches Extremely Small Radio Data Transceiver Module - 06/07/2015

Satel, a Finnish manufacturer of radio data transmission systems, aims to set a new milestone with the launch of the new Satelline TR4. This compact UHF transceiver with transmitting power of 1,000mW is compatible with the protocols of Pacific Crest, Trimble and Satel. The type certifications in all important regions of the world make the Satelline TR4 very suitable for integration in end devices that are intended for international use.

With a weight of only 18g, transmitting power of 1,000mW and an 'over the air' data transmission rate of 38,400bps it fulfils all present-day standards. Among the smallest UHF transceiver in its class, with dimensions of 56mm x 36mm x 6mm, the TR4 is designed for easy integration. Robust UHF frequencies (400MHz – 470MHz) are a reliable basis for the communication of self-sufficient stations even in the event of unknown topology. In addition, the TR4 features all of the advantages of the popular Satelline EASy and 3AS modems – including channel scanning, error correction and compatibility with the protocols of Pacific Crest, Trimble and, of course, Satel.

Since licence-free frequencies are becoming more popular, such as 869MHz in Europe and 915MHz for the American market, transceiver modules of identical design will follow. The identical footprint and the standardised communication commands will minimise integration costs. Later it will only be necessary to insert the corresponding radio module for the destination and the end device will be ready to use.

Last updated: 28/01/2021