Southern Mapping Micro Mapping Technology - 27/10/2008

Southern Mapping Company (SMC) has purchased Optech Incorporated\'s new ALTM (Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper) Orion sensor. This purchase makes Southern Mapping Company the first commercial owners of the world\'s smallest, full-system lidar sensor. With the same high-performance features typically found in much larger sensors, Orion enables highly accurate and dense topographic data acquisition in the most efficient means possible.

Orion offers higher accuracy and precision, regardless of the laser pulse rate, up to a maximum of 600,000 surface measurements per second (i.e. first, second, third and last returns per output pulse at 150kHz), all fully enabled by Optech's innovative iFLEXTM technology platform. A mere 27 kilograms in weight, a tiny 0.030 m3 (1.0 cu ft) in total volume, this technological marvel provides unlimited flexibility in installation options.  With built-in ruggedness, a wide environmental tolerance, and a modular design approach Orion ensures maximum reliability in the most demanding operating environments with ease of field serviceability. 


In addition to the ALTM Orion purchase, Southern Mapping Company adds the first commercial purchase of Rolleimetric's new 60MP airborne digital mapping camera.


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