Space for Arab Countries - 16/04/2009

The UAE is forging ahead with the development of a national space industry and its pioneering role can help accelerate the establishment of a Pan Arab space agency which would reduce the cost of sending satellites into orbit.



The recent announcement by Abu Dhabi based 4C GEOC for a USD1 billion dollar Earth Observation Space Center, Yahsat's planned telecommunication satellites launches and the scheduled launch this summer of the UAE's first ingeniously built remote sensing satellite, DubaSat-1, is further evidence that the UAE is showing the way forward for Arab countries in the creation of a regional space programme.

The need for the UAE to lead Arab countries into space was highlighted by senior delegates at the Global Space Technology Forum launched in Abu Dhabi last November, and that message is being underlined in the countdown to this year's event which will attract experts from NASA to the UAE capital for the first time in December.

The establishment of an Arab Space Research Agency is seen as essential to combine talent, information and technology between countries in the Middle East and North Africa , and plans have already been submitted to governments across the region.



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