Success for 90m Global DEM

PlanetObserver global Digital Elevation Model (DEM), with a 90m resolution worldwide, is successful since its launch last Automn 2010. The advantages ranging from a truly global coverage to reliable and corrected data compared to SRTM v4 product from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission have quickly convinced many companies in different industry sectors to acquire this terrain dataset. Application markets range from geological surveys to media solutions, visualisation and simulation products and satellite imagery processing.   Companies such as the French Geological Survey BRGM, Vizrt, Eurocopter, Astrium Services, the French Space Agency CNES and GAF AG are amongst the first customers... (read more)
2011-05-26 11:54:34

DEM of Iceland from Topographic Maps

East View Cartographic (EVC) (MN, USA) has completed a project to create a 30 metre Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Akureyri Airport in Iceland. The ability to supply DEMs derived from authoritative topographic maps fills a significant gap in worldwide DEM coverage since the widely available SRTM90 DEM data covers only about 80% of the globe. The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) did not collect data above 60 degrees north or below 56 degrees south latitudes and does not provide DEM data for areas such as Iceland. Topographic maps are an excellent source material for DEMs over Russia, Scandinavia,... (read more)
2006-12-08 12:00:00

Aerial Solution for Geo-referenced Orthomosaics and DEM

Lehmann Aviation, manufacturer of professional micro civil drones, has announced a new aerial solution for geo-referenced orthomosaics and DEM: the LA300 fully automatic personal drone which is now working with the GoPro Hero3+ camera, in addition to the Nokia Lumia 1020. In 2013 Lehmann Aviation launched LA300, a fully automatic personal drone working with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and designed for mapping and DEM. The last months' flight tests have proven compatibility of the GoPro Hero3+ camera (in addition to the Nokia Lumia 1020 41MP camera) with the LA300 for orthomosaics and DEM which makes the drone a very suitable,... (read more)
2014-04-02 09:18:27

RapidDEM HD Image over Madrid Spain highlighting the textured 3D model on one side and the DEM on the other

RapidDEM HD Image over Madrid Spain highlighting the textured 3D model on one side and the DEM on the other (read more)
2021-01-21 03:43:30

WorldDEM Now Entirely Edited and Available via Streaming

Airbus Defence and Space has announced that the entire edited WorldDEM database, together with the already available WorldDEM4Ortho dataset, is now available via streaming.This online access to the WorldDEM and WorldDEM4Ortho of the entire Earth’s landmass facilitates a wide range of applications such as line-of-sight analysis, hydrological modelling, satellite imagery orthorectification and much more. Following the comprehensive global acquisition campaign and subsequent processing effort, WorldDEM data is now available for the entire world in an edited version. This dataset corresponds to a hydro-enforced Digital Surface Model with water surfaces of lakes and reservoirs set to a single elevation, rivers and... (read more)
2018-10-31 02:00:17

WorldDEM Now Available Worldwide

Airbus Defence and Space has announced that customers can now be served with WorldDEM data for any point on Earth. WorldDEM is a disruptive Digital Elevation Model (DEM), whose accuracy and quality surpass that of any global satellite-based elevation model available today, the company writes in a statement. Setting a new standard, WorldDEM is the first global homogeneous, single-source, high-precision DEM, the statement continues. Following the comprehensive global acquisition campaign and subsequent processing effort, WorldDEM data now is available for the entire World, including Antarctica and Arctic regions as well as Pacific islands. Thus WorldDEM is the first truly global... (read more)
2016-10-06 09:44:11

PlanetObserver Releases Global Elevation Product

The PlanetObserver team has announced the release of PlanetDEM 30, a new Digital Elevation Model (DEM) covering the entire Earth at 30-metre resolution, offering accurate, homogeneous and void-free data. PlanetDEM 30 is a fusion of 30-metre ASTER Global DEM v2.0 and PlanetDEM 90, PlanetObserver's high-quality 90-metre global DEM product. Further to an extensive R&D programme, PlanetObserver has developed exclusive data fusion processes. Based on this proprietary technology, PlanetObserver has produced PlanetDEM 30 a totally free of ASTER GDEM residual anomalies and artifacts that highly affected overall data quality. PlanetDEM 90 is an advanced global elevation product developed by PlanetObserver, and... (read more)
2013-03-21 02:34:59

Astrium Unveils First WorldDEM Sample Data

Astrium, the world’s second-ranking space company, has released the first WorldDEM sample datasets for evaluation purposes, enabling potential customers to begin testing data for various applications including line-of-sight analysis, 3D visualisation or orthorectfication of satellite imagery. The sample data also facilitates testing of the Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) in the users’ data management environments. After evaluating the data, users can provide feedback to Astrium Services, helping to enhance the WorldDEM offering and its services. This is an opportunity for potential customers to test the WorldDEM data and experience firsthand the remarkable level of accuracy of the WorldDEM, that will surpass... (read more)
2013-10-17 04:16:43

Choosing the Best Digital Elevation Model

Canadian Force Base Gagetown
The process of achieving environmental stewardship is bound to available Digital Elevation Model (DEM) accuracy. A good DEM helps directly locate and monitor streams, sensible slopes and watersheds. Indirectly, it enables the production of orthophoto maps, intervisibility analyses and three-dimensional visualisation. In this project, three different DEMs covering Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in Atlantic Canada were tested: one DEM created from Lidar, and two DEMs generated photogrammetrically using high-resolution imagery. Comparison of data management, flexibility and software requirement confirmed the superiority of Lidar DEMs. View Larger Map Three different DEM datasets were used for this project. A Lidar DEM was... (read more)
2009-09-23 12:00:00

PlanetObserver Presents Global Elevation Model

PlanetObserver, a specialist of geospatial data production, has announced the release of PlanetDEM 30 Plus global elevation model. PlanetDEM 30 Plus is the new Digital Elevation Model from the PlanetDEM range that offers global coverage at 30 metre resolution with seamless, accurate and reliable data. PlanetDEM 30 Plus is a multi-source elevation model based on SRTM 30m dataset extensively corrected and enhanced with ASTER data, and other elevation data for high latitudes regions. Advanced processing techniques developed by PlanetObserver have been applied to compile and extensively reprocess those multi-source data. The result is an elevation product with 30 metre resolution for... (read more)
2015-12-02 09:58:36
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