Multi-Purpose Beechcraft King Air B200

The Beechcraft King Air B200, owned by AELIS, is a multipurpose aircraft, capable of flying at a max speed of 280 knots and offering a max range of 1500 NM. It is modified under EASA approved STC and fitted with 2 holes of 52cm of diameter, ready to take on worldwide missions for photogrammetric and Lidar surveys. In a recent study of GIM International, 64% of the interrogated people have been waiting for utilisation of integrated techniques, such as Lidar combined with a photogrammetric camera system. The dual holes of this B200 allow this market evolution and thanks to the... (read more)
2009-12-01 11:48:37

Bluesky Airborne Laser Maps Quarry in 3D

Bluesky (UK) has completed a detailed 3D survey of Lee Moor quarry near Plymouth, Devon. Commissioned by WBB Minerals, one of the world\'s largest suppliers of industrial minerals, the survey captured high-resolution aerial photography together with height measurements using a LiDAR distance measurement system. WBB Minerals, who recently acquired the working lease for the site, will use the Bluesky data to identify mineral resources, undertake accurate measurements and analysis at the desktop and manage both the day-to-day and long-term extraction activities at the quarry.   Height measurements of the site were captured by using a survey aircraft equipped with a... (read more)
2008-07-16 09:53:00

Airborne Photogrammetric Platform

MGGP Aero has realised a new Airborne Photogrammetric Platform, being an integration of the Cessna T206H NAV III with the LiteMapper 6800i. Aircraft made its maiden flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The route of flight was 9908 km and took 41 hours with many stopovers. The plane was brought from Denver in the US, where he underwent photogrammetric modification. Cessna known as the Stationair a family of single engine, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear used in commercial air service, aerial photography and also personal use. Cessna T206H is certified as a six seat aircraft equipped with "glass" cockpit... (read more)
2010-08-23 11:28:40

Uniting Aviation with Data

Airborne Technologies
The Austrian company Airborne Technologies is specialised in two business fields: sensor integration/aircraft modification, and data acquisition/data processing. With its own fleet of multi-mission aircraft and data processing systems, Airborne Technologies unites the competences of aviation, data capturing and data processing all under one roof. Airborne Technologies (ABT) is a private limited company based at the Wiener Neustadt Airport near Vienna, Austria. The underlying business idea that led to the company being established was based upon two findings. The first of these was the shift of remote sensing technology from simple photogrammetric film cameras to a wide range of advanced... (read more)
2014-04-23 09:10:33

HandHeld Scanner to Keep Planes Combat-ready

Engineers and machinists at several United States Air Force (USAF) bases are now using NVision's HandHeld laser scanner to reverse engineer complex aircraft parts, which are then machined to the highest level of accuracy and installed, maintaining USAF planes in peak working condition.   Reverse engineering is often required for aircraft that were originally designed without computer aided design systems (CAD) and for which even blueprints can be very difficult to obtain.   "The HandHeld Scanner is ideal for the diverse range of components that the USAF needs to reverse engineer," said Steve Kersen, NVision's Vice President of Sales and... (read more)
2011-01-13 01:45:35

Airborne Unmanned Sensor System for UAVs

American researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) are currently working on the development of an airborne testing capability for sensors, communications devices and other airborne payloads. This aerial test bed is called the GTRI Airborne Unmanned Sensor System (GAUSS). GAUSS is based on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by Griffon Aerospace and modified by GTRI. Developing new sensor technologies that can be effectively employed from the air is a priority today given the rapidly increasing use of unmanned aircraft, commented Michael Brinkmann, a GTRI principal research engineer who is leading the work. If equipped with the right... (read more)
2013-01-22 10:08:25

Jorg Hacker

Prof Jorg M. Hacker is founder, director and chief scientist of Airborne Research Australia (ARA), Australia’s only non-commercial entity which uses aircraft for environmental research. He is also a professor at Flinders University. He pioneered the concept of using cost-efficient small aircraft for research and has amassed more than 7,000 flying hours, most of them during research missions. (read more)
2017-07-03 02:19:27

ISO Certification for Z/II’s DCM

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions (AL, USA) announced it has certified the company's Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera against the DO-160D aircraft standard. The DMC system is now certified for altitudes up to 8000m or 26000 ft in non-pressurised aircraft. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) recognises DO-160D as a defacto ISO-7137 international standard that includes criteria for testing equipment for the entire spectrum of aircraft. DMC’s certification is achieved through performing environmental conditions and test procedures to assess the equipment's reliability and stability over a range of temperatures and altitudes, protection against shock and vibration, precaution against Electro-Magnetic Interference... (read more)
2005-03-18 12:00:00

MJ Harden Invests in Imaging System

MJ Harden will purchase a new Intergraph Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) along with an additional aircraft, a Cessna Conquest. The digital camera is a complete imaging system that simultaneously captures black-and-white, color, and near-infrared digital imagery with engineering-level accuracy. MJ Harden expects the new camera and aircraft to be fully operational this spring.     MJ Harden has been a leader in digital image acquisition since 2004 and has successfully collected thousands of square miles of aerial imagery. The Cessna Conquest is a proven aircraft for aerial imagery acquisition and greatly increases MJ Harden's collection capacity. It has... (read more)
2009-03-24 09:28:44

Firefighting in the Ukraine

The two Diamond special-mission aircraft with their mission team landed safely in Kiev, Ukraine. They were sent as Austrian support for the crisis due to the ongoing peat fires. Onsite a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Civil Protection has welcomed them. The Ukraine is pleased of the support from Austria and very interested in all the high-tech aircraft's capabilities. The already called crisis management group is working on an operation schedule together with the Diamond Aircraft team. The missions will be flown during the weekend. After analysing the results, the Ukrainian Ministry will decide if they need the Austrian... (read more)
2010-08-16 12:25:31
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