Powering Worldwide Location-Based Applications

Vodafone will use Tele Atlas digital maps and location-based content across its global footprint for the company's location-based services (LBS) and navigation offerings, according to the agreement the companies have made. They will collaborate to enable powerful LBS, routing and mapping applications for mobile users around the world.     The agreement gives Vodafone access to Tele Atlas' global digital map content and products, including 24 million points of interest (POIs), 3D Landmarks, 2D City Maps and Digital Elevation Models, which give local search application users maps that more closely reflect their surroundings. Vodafone will also gain access to Tele... (read more)
2009-07-21 09:40:22

DigitalGlobe Used by Nokia Location Services

DigitalGlobe and Nokia have agreed to bring the real-world perspective of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery to Nokia Maps, both on mobile devices and on Ovi, improving the global driving, hiking and walking navigation capabilities for consumers who use these applications.     Through streamlined technology integration and development of a proprietary format for delivering imagery to Nokia, users will have quick, easy and seamless access to a wide range of global high-resolution imagery from DigitalGlobe's ImageLibrary.   Available on compatible Nokia devices and online through Ovi, the enhanced navigation features enable consumers to find and explore a wealth of... (read more)
2009-02-13 10:23:39

European Location-Based Services Market 2005

Berg Insight (Sweden) has released a report about the latest developments on the European LBS market. Berg Insight’s forecasts show that LBS could contribute with over € 2 billion by 2009. This 300+ page strategic report gives a complete overview of 27 European markets and in-depth case studies of the LBS strategies of 10 leading mobile operators. Gain detailed insights about the complete LBS value chain spanning from technology vendors, solution vendors and mobile operators to content providers, service providers and application developers. Highlights include: a overview of LBS offerings, market strategies and equipment in 27 European markets case studies... (read more)
2005-09-02 12:00:00

Indoor Location with Automatic Crowdsourcing Technology

Pole Star has unveiled ‘automatic crowdsourcing’, the next generation of its indoor location solution NAO Campus, capable of crowdsourcing and referencing RF access point data to quickly and remotely deploy and maintain indoor location services. With automatic crowdsourcing, the NAO Campus indoor location service can now be implemented in an entirely new venue without any staff in the field, by collecting users’ smartphone data in order to create the positioning database. This new method removes entirely the site fingerprinting measurement process. This service is self-maintained through users’ own devices, in a low cost and dynamic way. It also provides the... (read more)
2013-07-01 11:12:21

Location Intelligence via Web-based Mapping Platforms

Business Intelligence Goes Spatial
Location Intelligence combines Business Intelligence with spatial analysis and includes the visualisation of various data on a map. Location Intelligence is an important tool for optimising business processes, business structures and customer relationships. Although some initial investment is necessary with respect to licenses, data, training and integration efforts, various companies have already discovered the benefits and have been using a classic Geographic Information System (GIS) since the early 1990s. Now, with the release of web-based mapping platforms such as Google Maps, MapQuest, Bing Maps or Nokia/Navteq Location Platform (to name but a few) and their professional developer interfaces (APIs), the... (read more)
2013-01-29 06:20:18

Esri Joins Global In-Location Alliance

Esri has announced that it has joined the worldwide In-Location Alliance. Esri joins a growing number of companies that have come together to drive innovation and market adoption of high-accuracy indoor positioning and related services. Esri will help to define standards for indoor mapping and logistics across many industries including health care, higher education, finance, government, and retail. This is an exciting, new frontier for GIS and location analytics, and Esri is able to help the global community indoor logistics with standardised, high-accuracy mapping and analysis tools, said Wolfgang Hall, Esri's industry manager for logistics and supply chain management. The... (read more)
2013-07-02 08:30:00

Carrefour Adds Location Intelligence to Business Analytics

Carrefour Group, the well-known French food retailer with nearly 10,000 stores around the globe, has implemented an enterprise-wide marketing solution from Esri partner Galigeo. The solution, Geodashboard, incorporates ArcGIS and enhances existing enterprise business intelligence (BI) software to improve decision-making. Carrefour staff around the world are guided through different operational workflows including retail site selection and competition analysis. The solution improves their expansion and development strategy, optimises direct marketing activities, and enhances store performance through a better understanding of sales territories and customer needs. Carrefour Group selected Galigeo, an Esri partner, because of its ease of implementation and its ability... (read more)
2013-05-27 09:07:25

High Location Accuracy for SPOTMAPS Australia

SPOTMAPS Australia is now available in its second version, made with fresh data. An independent study confirmed the high location accuracy of SPOTMAPS - Australia equals 5m CE90. More than 5 million square km² are already available in its second version, made with data majority acquired within the last two years. The updated Australian SPOTMAPS now include coverage of Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.   An independent study conducted by McMullen, Nolan and Partners Surveyors Pty Ltd, Australia, presented at the 15th ARSPC conference in Alice Springs, concluded the absolute positional accuracy of SPOTMAPS... (read more)
2011-07-11 09:38:46

Location-based Services Supporting Citizen Self-service

UK local authorities are increasing the number of public-facing services with access to geospatial data, according to a new research report commissioned by Pitney Bowes Business Insight. Over the next six months, UK councils expect to provide more location-based services to the public as online mapping interfaces become a common part of citizen self-service applications. The study, "Understanding the Future of GIS Usage in the UK Public Sector", was undertaken in June 2010 by K2 Advisory and surveyed 100 GIS practitioners working for local authority organisations in the UK. The report is available as a whitepaper on this website. Some conclusions are:• 44%... (read more)
2010-07-29 01:37:29

Indoor Location: the Mobile Revolution Starts Now

For more than 20 years, the use of global positioning system (GPS) has been the gold standard for outdoor navigation. The satellite-based navigation system has become an indispensable tool for anyone wanting to determine their location outside a building, whether driving on roads or motorways or walking down the street. More recently, cell-phone manufacturers have added GPS capabilities to mobile devices, which in turn has created new opportunities for existing location-based services (LBS) such as mapping and navigation.   By Christian Carle, CEO and founder of Pole Star While the quick rise of smartphones, and the easy access to more... (read more)
2013-06-10 12:34:24
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