Arithmetica Demonstrates Pointfuse Point Cloud Conversion in Arena4D

Arithmetica is joining Veesus at this week’s GEO Business to showcase the powerful Pointfuse Point Cloud Conversion Engine within the Arena4D product range. Enabling users of Arena4D Data Studio and Plugin for Rhino to quickly, easily and accurately convert the millions of individually laser-scanned measurements contained within a typical point cloud, the Pointfuse V2 Point Cloud Engine represents a step change in the way that point clouds are converted into 3D vector models. The company announced the partnership with Veesus towards the end of last year, so this is the first time they have presented the integrated solution, together, to... (read more)
2017-05-19 11:09:48

Leica Geosystems Launches Laser Scanners and Point Cloud Software

Leica Geosystems has announced a group of six major new products for terrestrial laser scanning: three new laser scanners and three new point cloud software products. Leica ScanStations P40, P30, and P16 feature advances in Lidar and digital imaging as the 8th generation of Leica Geosystems laser scanners. The new scanners are designed to increase field and office productivity and simultaneously offer sharper, crisper scans and HDR true colour images. Users will be able to capture more, useful data from a single set-up, which translates into fewer instrument setups and greater productivity, according to the Swiss company. Three models meet... (read more)
2015-04-01 09:26:24

OGC Calls for Participation in Point Cloud Domain Working Group

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)  is calling for public participation in its newly-established Point Cloud Domain Working Group (Point Cloud DWG). The purpose of the Point Cloud DWG is to assess the current state of standards and best practices in the management of point cloud data and to guide OGC activities in working with or developing standards for point cloud data interoperability, discovery and dissemination. Details on the Point Cloud Domain Working Group can be found here. Interested parties can join the e-mail list. The OGC is an international geospatial standards consortium of more than 510 companies, government agencies, research... (read more)
2015-09-01 10:27:03

New Pythagoras 15 with Automated Point Cloud Vectorisation Tools

Pythagoras 15 is the latest release by the company Pythagoras. Apart from the well-known drawing and calculation tools and the DTM and geocoding features, Pythagoras 15 has been designed with an eye on the future: it is equipped with easy-to-use analytical tools for point clouds and images. One-click vectorisation and ground classification tools give quick and accurate results without users getting lost in parameters and settings. Basically, Pythagoras 15 sets the parameters. Combining these point clouds with other data types coming from TPS, GPS and other instruments makes Pythagoras a ‘mapping solution for all your geodata’, according to the company.... (read more)
2017-05-23 04:37:07

Arithmetica Previews Point Cloud 3D Modelling Software

Arithmetica has given visitors at SPAR 3D 2017 an insight into how quick and easy it is to convert the vast point clouds generated by modern laser scanners into manageable 3D models. Dubbed ‘simplified surfaces’, the latest development by Arithmetica can deliver a tenfold decrease in the size of the resulting 3D vector models. Pointfuse is all about making laser scanned data more usable, commented Mark Senior, business development manager at Arithmetica. Pointfuse bridges the gap between the laser scanning hardware  solutions, increasingly being developed to capture more data, faster and with  better accuracy, and the huge array of specialist... (read more)
2017-04-05 10:37:02

Maptek Releases I-Site Studio 6 Point Cloud Modelling Tools

The latest I-Site point cloud processing tools from Maptek focus on the everyday needs of mine surveyors for fast and accurate volumes, conformance reporting, geotechnical analysis and CAD design. I-Site Studio software offers an expanding range of applications with increasing sophistication. I-Site Studio 6, released earlier this month, provides various new tools and requested enhancements. New CAD design tools include user-friendly preferences for snapping to angles and points. Other in-demand items include auto registration and alignment of scans, complex surface modelling, waviness analysis for geotechnical modelling and analysis. Surveyors are under pressure from all departments to quickly and safely survey... (read more)
2016-01-11 04:59:37

Point Cloud Solution for Processing Laser Scan Data

With Leica Cyclone 9.0, a point cloud solution for processing laser scan data, Leica Geosystems HDS has introduced patent-pending innovations for greater project efficiency. According to the company, these advances aim to benefit both field and office via significantly faster and easier scan registration plus quicker deliverable creation thanks to better 2D and 3D drafting tools and steel modelling. Cyclone 9.0 is developed to allow users to scale easily for larger, more complex projects while consistently ensuring high-quality deliverables. When Leica Geosystems pioneered cloud-to-cloud registration, it enabled users to accurately execute laser scanning projects without having to physically place special... (read more)
2014-09-04 10:29:01

New Version of Point Cloud Plug-in Unveiled for AutoCAD

InfoEra, Lithuania, has announced the release of its Undet ToolBox V2. Undet is a plug-in for AutoCAD and its verticals that facilitates evaluation, visualisation, processing and advanced modelling of point clouds. It has been developed to provide best value for users who want to work efficiently with point clouds in AutoCAD and to speed up as-built documentation for multiple laser scanning tasks. Next to the first-version developments of a comprehensive management of point clouds data, visibility and colouring, V2 has a number of new impressive features focused on critical information extraction from point clouds. With this release, Undet delivers a... (read more)
2014-07-10 09:28:05

The Point Cloud Phenomenon in 5 Premium Papers

Point clouds acquired with a laser scanner contain millions or even billions of geospatial data points representing the x, y and z coordinates. Using advanced point cloud processing software, the captured geospatial data can be visualized in a digital elevation model (DEM), digital terrain model (DTM) or 3D city model, for example. Which key trends and technological developments have we seen recently? We’ve selected five articles published by ‘GIM International’ to give you an overview of the direction in which the point cloud phenomenon is heading. Point Clouds and Smart Cities The ‘smart city’ concept entirely relies on a permanent... (read more)
2018-12-20 01:56:36

NavVis Deploys SLAM to Automatically Remove Point Cloud Artifacts

NavVis, the Germany-based global provider of indoor spatial intelligence solutions for enterprises, has released new software for the NavVis M6 indoor mobile mapping system (IMMS) that automatically detects and removes dynamic objects and object fringe points from point clouds during the post-processing of scan data. Fringe points and dynamic objects are two common types of point cloud artifacts that affect all 3D laser scanning devices. Fringe points arise when a laser beam hits the edge of an object as well as its background. This scattered beam ultimately appears as a so-called fringe around the edge of the object in the... (read more)
2019-02-14 10:28:24
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