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GIM Interviews CheeHai Teo, President of FIG
CheeHai Teo took office as new president of FIG for a four-year term (2011-2014) on 26th November in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having been elected by Congress in Sydney in April 2010, Teo has used the intervening time with outgoing President Stig Enemark to work on and ensure smooth leadership transition. CheeHai Teo for the first time here shares his views on what his term will hold: the work that lies ahead for FIG and the broader surveying community. President CheeHai Teo, congratulations on this new job!Thank you very much. It was fortunate we had a long transition period, in which I... (read more)
2011-01-04 02:21:32

Future Surveyor Will Control UAV by Thought

Surveyors today are already making use of cars with 3D cameras and controlling unmanned aircraft. In the future, however, the cars may not need an operator and unmanned aircraft could be controlled by thought. The first steps have now been taken to enable surveyors to make direct contact with UAVs using their brains and to manoeuvre them exactly as they wish. A team of scientists from the University of Minnesota has succeeded in designing a drone that can be controlled merely by thought. Five ‘pilots’ piloted an unmanned mini helicopter through a large hall. In 2010, other researchers had also... (read more)
2013-06-14 03:56:03

Virtual Surveyor 6.1 Offers New Experience for UAV Data Users

The UAV surveying software Virtual Surveyor has eliminated the need for clients to use third-party applications to prepare data for processing. Newly released Virtual Surveyor 6.1 now handles on-the-fly projections that previously required a separate software package to set the data in the proper coordinate system. The software solution now offers a completely new project experience for users of UAV data, Tom Op ‘t Eyndt, managing director of Virtual Surveyor, explained. Version 6.1 will save customers time and money once spent converting their drone data for processing in Virtual Surveyor, he added. Virtual Surveyor has become increasingly popular among surveyors... (read more)
2018-11-20 01:20:52

Virtual Surveyor Unveils Productivity Tools in Drone Image Analysis Software

Virtual Surveyor, developer of UAV image visualisation and analysis software, will launch a new suite of Productivity Tools at the 2017 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, USA. The Virtual Surveyor software package enables professional surveyors to generate accurate topographic end products from drone imagery five times faster than traditional field work. Now used in 46 countries, Virtual Surveyor aims to bridge the gap between UAV photogrammetric processing software and engineering design packages. In a typical application, the Virtual Surveyor suite takes the orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) extracted from UAV imagery with photogrammetric software like Pix4D or DroneDeploy... (read more)
2017-10-23 01:46:38

Adapting 3D Laser Scanning for the Surveyor

Meeting Specific Needs to Increase Productivity
3D laser scanning is a powerful measurement technology for obtaining 3D coordinates of object points at a speed of up to 5,000 points per second. But surveyors see lack of scanner versatility and unfamiliar workflow as limiting factors. Today, increased portability and robustness and adapted workflow enable surveyors to easily incorporate 3D scanning into their portfolio. A short learning curve allows for increased productivity and creates new business opportunities. Today 3D laser scanning is based either on phase-shift or on time-of-flight measurement. Phase-shift technology works by sending a laser beam with a sinusoidal wave to the centre of a rotating... (read more)
2006-09-21 12:00:00

Virtual Surveyor Launches New Version of Drone Surveying Software

The new version of the Virtual Surveyor drone surveying software now offers a faster, more efficient workflow and better overall user experience in a more stable platform. These new capabilities, along with an improved licensing system and an extended free application, are available now in Virtual Surveyor 6. Surveyors who have used the Virtual Surveyor package in the past will be amazed at how easily they can manipulate data and how quickly the software renders results of even the most complex topographies, believes Tom Op ‘t Eyndt, managing director of Virtual Surveyor in Belgium. The software leverages the expertise and... (read more)
2018-07-12 01:25:03

Virtual Surveyor Puts Emphasis on Lidar Elevation in UAV Mapping Software

Virtual Surveyor has enhanced the Lidar elevation data handling capabilities in Version 6.4 of its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or 'drone') surveying and mapping software. A new function enables Virtual Surveyor users to select specific feature classes from classified Lidar point clouds before converting the point cloud into a surface terrain. “The latest upgrades in Virtual Surveyor 6.4 are designed to meet the needs of UAV users who are increasingly equipping their drones with Lidar systems,” said Tom Op ‘t Eyndt, CEO of the company in Belgium. Virtual Surveyor, which has doubled its user base in one year, is popular... (read more)
2019-07-09 09:00:26

FIG Congress in Kuala Lumpur: 'Surveyor Has Role in Sustainable Growth'

The 25th Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors in Kuala Lumpur has been officially opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the honorable Najib Razak. In his opening speech he said that the coming of the Congress to Asia was timely, because the region is growing fast and changing rapidly from an agricultural into an urban society. The pressure on the land and resources - and therefore the environment - will increase. Sustainable growth therefore will determine strategies of politics, but also for surveyors. Spatial information is vital because it shapes policy-making, surveyors are responsible for translating raw data... (read more)
2014-06-17 10:11:06

Inspiring and Empowering the Agents of Change

The FIG Young Surveyors Network
Eva-Maria Unger is chair of the FIG Young Surveyors Network. This network wants to increase the number of young professionals participating within FIG. To help young professionals make valuable contacts in the early phase of their careers, the network increases cooperation between the FIG commissions and the younger generation. 'GIM International' recognises the need to secure the future of the surveying profession and took the opportunity to interview Eva-Maria about the network’s vision. (By Christiaan Lemmen, contributing editor, GIM International) Who are the ‘young surveyors’? To be a ‘young surveyors’ you must be under 35 years old and either a... (read more)
2016-12-19 09:34:16

Fulfilling the Land Surveyor’s Wants and Needs

Marlyn: the Go-anywhere Mapping Solution Made by Surveyors, for Surveyors
Geospatial information gathered by unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAVs/UASs or ‘drones’) is now the driver for business success across many industries and applications. To develop the right tool for this data collection, Atmos UAV had a different approach compared to other commercial drone manufacturers. Rather than focusing just on the product itself, the team was mostly interested in the product fit. After conducting more than 500 interviews with end users, company owners and project managers during the last six years, the company developed Marlyn, a mapping and land surveying solution that meets the industry’s wants and needs.    The necessity of... (read more)
2018-10-03 03:34:18
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