Plowman Craven Invests in Rail Surveying Technology

Plowman Craven Invests in Rail Surveying Technology

Plowman Craven has invested over GBP1 million in innovative technology to provide clients with a complete solution for rail surveying, from both the ground and the air. Plowman Craven is a leading surveying company in the UK.

The advantages of offering ground-based or track-based surveying as well as UAV solutions are multifold, but a major benefit to the rail client is the mitigation of risk – be that programme risk, financial risk or the safety risk to staff working on-site.

The established business is continually improving the way it collects data, reducing the amount of track access required without jeopardizing the high-quality output and Network Rail Band 1 and 3 accuracy. In certain situations, track access can be eliminated completely.

Mapping rail positions, 3D point cloud and gauging data at once

To complement its Vogel R3D UAV system, Plowman Craven has recently invested in the latest Amberg IMS5000 Track Measuring Device. This ground-based trolley system simultaneously measures rail positions, 3D point cloud and gauging data at speeds of up to 4km of track per hour.

According to David Norris, Plowman Craven’s technical director, “No one system can do everything and having all options covered sets us apart from our competition. People get extremely excited about drones, and they are a fantastic technology if used in the right way, but it all needs to be combined with a comprehensive knowledge of surveying in the rail environment. The dual technology that Plowman Craven brings to the rail industry mitigates risk, improves safety, saves costs and reduces programme time.”

With over 40 years’ experience in the rail industry, Plowman Craven is used to creating innovative solutions to complex problems. Working with partners including Transport for London, London Underground and Network Rail, its investment in both traditional and UAV technology means it is well-equipped to expertly advise on the most suitable technique and approach to achieve the best outcome for any rail survey requirement.

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