Aerial Mapping Weeks Explained

Reality 3D models, Lidar points clouds, superhigh-resolution aerial imagery and artificial intelligence that turns aerial imagery into valuable datasets – just a few of the products derived from aerial mapping. The GIM Aerial Mapping Weeks, presented by GIM International, will enrich your knowledge with the latest insights, trends and developments.

From 1 March to 4 April GIM International will take you on a journey along the latest aerial mapping solutions, getting you familiar with the ever-expanding range of products and services derived from such systems. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a weekly update of news and articles.

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The GIM Aerial Mapping Weeks are made possible by our proud partners.


EAASI Ascends to New Heights

More than 40 companies have joined EAASI since the European aerial mapping industry created the not-for-profit umbrella organization aimed at fostering joint interests less than two years ago. In this...

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