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CHC Navigation at a glance Founded in 2003, CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) is a publicly-listed company creating Innovative GNSS Navigation and Positioning Solutions. With a global presence across the world and distributors in over 100 countries and more than 1 300 employees, CHC Navigation is today recognized as one of the...
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Zoller + Fröhlich offers a new generation of laser scanners which allows beginners and professionals to reach new levels in their projects. The Z+F IMAGER 5016 is 30% smaller and 30% lighter than the Z+F IMAGER 5010X. The ergonomic streamline design features a passive cooling system, IP54 rating and two...
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GIM Business Guide 2019

Business Guide 2019

Once a year we publish the GIM International Business Guide, which serves as a reference book for geomatics professionals. This year’s edition contains an overview of various pillars of the mapping and surveying industry.

The Business Guide is also the ideal occasion to unveil the findings derived from our annual readers’ survey. This year, the report on these findings focuses on the current status of the broad range of disciplines that together form geomatics. It makes for uplifting reading, as there are plenty of reasons for optimism in our industry; many of the respondents signal a wealth of growth opportunities for geospatial surveying. Read the Business Guide here.

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